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He sounds like a really neat person! I hope I am that brave if I face that situation...


I'll bet you remember him the way he intended also. :)


I miss him too. You always felt like the most beautiful loved person around him. I was listening to a pearl Jam CD the other day and "man of the hour" came on. I almost cry every time I hear that song. Love you guys

Jenn, Michael, Elora, and Harley


Thank you Rowan for a beautiful tribute to my brother. He was a very special man that touched many lives. I miss him more than anyone.


I know, Dave. He was a very special man. He would have loved to be at Heather's wedding next month.

Perhaps we can all just try to bring a bit of his spirit to the celebration.


I didn't see your comments until just now.

Beautiful - and special. He always made me feel like I was the most wonderful thing to ever happen to Chris. It was so kind.

I get teary over You Are My Sunshine. I guess any of the songs from his memorial would do it.

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