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Jean-Luc Picard

That's a super picture, Rowan.


All I can say is,

This from the woman who spends her life in near perpetual jealousy of the fair weather conditions to be had in almost any other state than her own.

That must have been one cold drive home. Ouch.

jake silver

How long have you been back Blogging? I'll have to look...


I wish I'd taken it.

I guess I deserved that.

He was totally frozen. Apparently he had his head out the window so he could see as he drove home at 15 mph. Luckily, I had dinner in the oven when he got home. I wrapped him in a blanket and fed him good, warm food.

Jake Silver:
Only about a week or so.


I too rcvd an invitation to work on UK model Anita Campbell, not Kate Adams and recently registered MT. You think I should bite?
Best To You


I googled this entry in your blog based on a strange email I got from a "Leewan Campo" looking for somebody in the US to massage "Anita Campbell," except now she's travelling to Florida.

Anybody have any info on this guy? The emails ask for finacial transactions that sound like scam city to me.


Forgot to mention...

The only items I come up with in google on Anita are a young cross-country runner in Washington State and a UK tech entrepreneur.

Sorry I misspelled "traveling" in last post.


James & Drew:
It's always nice to meet other Massage Therapists.

Yep, this scam is really going around these days.

I thought you two might be interested in this advice I found on the ABMP website. I forwarded my email last night. I hope it helps you, too.

Please keep in touch. : D


I googled Leewan Campo (a MT from the UK) as he sent me the same strange email looking for me massage therapist for Lilian Johnson and requesting some strange financial transactions. I received a very similar one from a few months back from Tessy Brown for a model called Nancy James. Just and FYI and these sound like scams to me as well.


I was just looking up info about this same Anita Campbell. I'm based in Orlando. Same exact thing was just asked of me. Massage and transaction of the money. I don't think I will bite. Be careful of this, all of you guys.


I just got a email from a Mr John Green with the address leecampo... The "Model" that is supposedly coming to town was Kate Adam from the UK. I was pretty suspicious so I started searching around on google and came across your page. Glad other people have had experience with this and I was able to get some info. Thanks!


Hello. This is a scam, and I'd be happy to send you more information. Although in the military now, my former civilian job dealt with fraud/loss prevention. My wife just received a very similar format email letter from the same IP which I immediately recognized as the "Payment upfront Western Union/Cashier's Check" scam, and I located your forum comments when doing a quick search for prior victims. I am reporting the email to the FTC, and recommend you do so, as well. Have a good day.

Here is the website for the FTC where you may report potential spam/scams:

and here is a website detailing how the potential scam operates:

Best of luck to you


Thanks for posting these useful links. I just received the same email indicating the model was coming to Seattle. I forwarded mine to the FTC. Hope they catch 'em!


I too am getting this email for massages in NYC for this model known as Lilian Johnson & I cant find anything about who these people are on google, Im just keeping my eyes & ears open as I emailed them to contact me when they get to NYC and meet up in person. Any suggestions pls.



Don't be naive.
They don't exist.
This is just a scam to get you to send money.

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