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I like it. It looks professional, well done and informative.


Thank you, Shelli.


I know you don't know me from Adam, but I have a few suggestions... ;)

Are you planning on staying with blogs for your main site? If so, I think it could work for you, but you should eliminate the elements that make it look "bloggy." For instance, take the dates and the comment boxes off your posts. (except for a feedback post page, maybe.)

Put all of your important "home page" information in your top post, then set your post count per page to one so that is the only thing on the "home" page. You can link to the other sites.

Try to get your FAQs all in one post.

Put your articles on a "news" link, then change the content. You can archive old newsletters by changing dates.

I LOVE your picture in the top left, very nice.

Take down the "recent posts" feature, and use the space for Titled links to your posts so they are like webpages. These will be specific links so they won't change when you add content.

I hope that helps. I think using a free blog service for a website is a great idea.


Thank you Stacey.

That's a bit to take in at one time. I'll have to sit down and see how each one looks.

There isn't a way to stick a post, that I've found yet. But I'll keep checking into it.

Thank you for the feedback on the picture, too. I wondered if it was too staid.

Again, thank you.


I liked your page. It was very informative and easy to work through. Sure wish I could find some one like you close by.


Thanks Debbie.

And so do I. Massage is such a wonderful, and too often neglected, aspect of health care..


You can't "stick" a post with typepad, blog or any of the other blogs. But you can make a link out of the permalink for that page. Then title it.

Check here:

Massage notes Blog

In the right column where it says "Who is Stacey, LMT?", that is the first post in the blog. If you click it, it just goes to a post page. The code looks like this:

[a href="" title="Your massage therapist for the day is..."]Who is Stacey, LMT?[/a]

except with the proper tags intead of []

I really do like the layout and everything, just looking at it from a marketing standpoint. Good job!


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