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Does it have to be knitting or crocheting? Because I don't do either of those, but I do cross stitching. That would be cool. I loved the inspiring link, by the way. Very funny.


And what's the deal? You barely post all week then you give me several to catch up on!? ;)


Oh my! Is that knitting for the angry soul?


I could barely crawl to the computer. My pecs and abs are just beginning to stop screaming from our PE assessments.
I think cross stitiching would probably be fine. What kinds of things do you make? I actually found a yahoo group of Phoenix snb's. Maybe I'll meet some who live rather north of the actual city.
I'm glad you liked the link. I thought it was hilarious.

Absolutely! Especially that baby pink, knit dominatrix set-up. I don't think I'd make that one.
But maybe the conjoined stuffed animals. That way Kajsa could learn to share with the dog, right?


That's some cool knitting stuff! You're not in the Denver area, are you? I'd get together with you...


It is cool. I actually thought of you when I found the site.
Unfortunatly, we'd have a heck of a commute between Colorado and Arizona.
But I appreciate it just the same.


Oh, hope you are feeling better soon. I can relate because I'm sore from lifting this week, too.

I have cross stitched several Christmas stockings. I am still in the process of trying to get one done for each member of our family (Jason, Shelli, Ashley, Emily, Sam, Isabelle), but I started when Emily was in third grade and she is in 8th now. She has one and I have one and Jason's is done but not put together yet. So I guess that I am half way there. I have done several other projects in between. I did a Native American and wolf pack wall hanging for my brother right after my dad died because it reminded me of my dad and there were three wolves representing us three children sort of in a vignette. (No I am not Native American, it was just the symbolism.) I did a Father Christmas picture for my MIL one year and that one by far took me the longest and was the hardest one I have ever done. And I have made two baby blankets. One for my granndaughter that is a swan boat with baby in it and one for my niece who was born 6 weeks before Belle that is a bunch of little bears all on the bottom. There did you like that answer? I stay away from samplers simply because they look to easy to me and I like a little challenge. Usually what I do is something where all or nearly all of the canvas is covered.

Sorry for the comment novel.


Oh, those are just priceless. Could I ask you to knit one for my unborn child? Because really, I think it is totally age-appropriate. "See baby E, this is what happens when YOU'RE BAD."


Wow, those all sound great! I thought about knitting stockings for the family. But they would really need to look like something from Dr. Seus to capture our true familial personality. I'm just afraid the rest of the world would percieve them as my own knitting ineptitude. I must admit, the cross stitching idea appeals to me.
I'm also fond of Native American long as it's well pertrayed. Around here, there's kind of a rash of cheesy "appeal to the tourist" type of stuff. I have to remind myself that this should not diminish my respect. Thank you for the response. And don't worry about comment tomes. I honestly enjoy it.

If only I had that kind of skill and tallent. I would in a heart beat. Maybe I'll practice so that if you have another I can be better prepared. Oh, I bet that made your skin crawl, huh? What are you now, like, 47 weeks? ;-P

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