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Here's to good health, first off. I'm sorry the family is split up for the holidays. But I am glad you are getting into the spirit of things. I never believed in Santa as a kid--probably why I want my kids to believe for awhile :)

Tacky light tour, yay! So, yeah--my husband's old neighborhood used to do luminaries. We haven't seen any since Cincinnati. I miss them!

Thanks for the visit on my 13 :)


I know it's just bags of sand. But something about all of them all lined up just looks so crisp and pure.

rodney roe

Christmas here is not going to be like previous Christmas's. I'm afraid Maya is going to be really dissappointed. When I think of it, Maya may have ONLY been here at Christmas in the past. The house always looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting and we just aren't going to do much this year because we're going to Wilmington and help the Crosby's start their Christmas tradition. Nothing stays the same forever. Devon was talking about how we can't ever move from this house because it has been the one anchor in her life; the place that was always here to come back to.

Rowan, it's weird how we remember things differently. I don't doubt that the conversation with Heather happened just the way you said it, but I don't remember it at all. Someone told me in the first grade (age six) that there wasn't a Santa. I was relieved because it had all just seemed too preposterous to me. Why did the rich kids get better presents? Did Santa love them more?
The schizophrenic at Pizza d'Action was male as I remember it. He had longish hair though and that odd manner of sticking his arm out from his body with his arm bent at 90 degrees flipping his Bic, was enough to not even notice his or her sex. Your Mom and I remember things differently, too, but the differences are more extreme - like different city, different year, different person. I'm curious. Do you remember the Pizza place in Memphis where we used to plug the juke box to play "Life in the Fast Lane" by the Eagles? Sort of a magical memory for me.


I love this post!

I was happy to read about your decorations, how sick does that make me that even others' decorations make me happy.

Sorry that your family will be split up this year. I know that will be difficult and different. I'm certain that your baby will remember any tradtion you start even if it may not seem tradtional.


rodney roe:

You know I couldn't remember whether it was a man or woman. I just remembered the motion and the lighter.
I barely remember the place in Memphis. I can remember how much you loved that song. It was one of the first radio songs I remember really listening to. I always think of you when I hear The Eagles.

Pizza D'Action is quite clear. I know when in my life we went there because I can remember sitting in the bathroom thinking how odd it would be to see my number on a bathroom wall, and wondering if 867-5309 was really a number. Coincidentally, did you know that Chris birthday is 8-6-75?

A lot of my memories are associated with music. You got The Wall around the same time that you took the microwave cooking class. I have memories of you looking sad while we ate peanut butter meatloaf. This was right before mom got in the bad car accident that turned out to be a good thing in the long run. That was the same house where I broke out in hives after I disobeyed you, and hid for an hour out of fear that you'd be angry and disappointed in me. I have so many more memories from that time, but they are all like odd snapshots, anymore.

As for which city we lived in when Lennon died...We moved to Little Rock mid-way through my third grade year...1978-1977. So we definitely lived there when he was shot.



That doesn't make you sick. It makes you joyous. And that is a good thing.

Thank you for the encouragement.

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