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Follow Up:

Wendy, who lives right across the street from where the fire was, and also co-owns the adjacent “Buzzard’s Roost” restaurant, came by a few minutes ago. She wanted to get the correct spelling for our husbands’ names. She is submitting a piece to the local paper.

According to her, the work that they did in the first minutes was critical to avoiding a true tragedy. She also said something to the effect of, “If it hadn’t been for those guys, this whole northern area wouldn’t be here.” And she wants to make sure the whole community knows it.


Oh Rowan, thank God everyone is OK! I am so glad to hear that everyone is safe. That was terrifying. The men were so brave!


Um, yah. Terrifying is the word for it.

Glad he's good for more than just battling arachnids.


Well, I'm all weepy. I am so glad you are all ok and that nobody was hurt. I cannot even imagine trying to remain calm during such a time. Your husband is truly a brave and wonderful man.

Plus, I love that everyone was thinking about the animals.


You would notice that, huh? We can't help it. We're all just a bunch of animal lovin' softies around here.

I couldn't believe how calm I was at the time. Crisis experience, I guess.

Rodney Roe

The joys of small town life! Chris really did good. What is truly amazing to me is how calm we become when faced by real danger. Everything becomes crystal clear and time seems to slow to a crawl. Also, I've seen you operate in a crisis; you may go all to pieces afterward, but there is no one calmer and more capable when it counts!


Yep. I remember some story about my bandaging Heather up. I don't know if you were watching us or just happened to walk in right afterward.

But yah, I can handle it, until it's O.K. not to. I guess that's a good trait to have. But it also means that everyone comes to me in an emergency, when inside I'm absolutely frantic.


oh my gosh, rowan! what a horrible thing to go through. i'm so glad that you are all safe and your house wasn't damaged.
three cheers for for chris and his fire-fightin' buddy!!!


How scary, just to imagine what could have happened! I'm sure you're very proud of your husband. Glad your family is safe and sound.


Rowan - what a story! I felt like I was right there with you.
So glad that you are all safe and sound and your homes too!


Thank you all for checking in!

amygeekgrl, Miriam and Gawdessness...
Yes, Yes & Yes!!

and Gawdessness, thank you for the compliment on my writing.

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