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Lil Cherie

Recently, my best friend and I started to take a bellydancing class together. This is something that I have always wanted to do...but keep in mind that my friend and I live in Iowa and we are rather voluptuous women...We are very much enjoying ourselves and trying to get fit in the process!!


That sounds wonderful! I took belly dancing for a while when I still lived in Seattle. It was so much fun.

I hope you keep dancing those bellies off. But not too far, right?


When we are at family gatherings, my husband will not dance. He thinks the whole family is going to stare at him and laugh, or something. Usually, they are acting goofy themselves. (Some of them even goofier than normal because they drank to much. LOL)

I will sing with my car windows rolled down. Until I notice someone staring at me. LOL. I probably could get talked into doing the Karoke once. It worked at a Christmas party.

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