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Too funny.

Rodney Roe

This reminds me of a home video I saw Friday that came in the host's email. Scene: Mom holding camera on a 3 year old girl. "Tommy is coming over. What do you think of that?" "I'm gonna kick his ass." (camera shaking from barely suppressed laughter) "Why are you going to do that?" "Cause if I don't he's gonna kick my ass." Mom gains control of h!rself and says well you shouldn't say that it has a bad word in it. You should say "Kick his butt". Little girl with enormous eyes and a round mouth says "Oh!"

Chris is right.


That's great, Dad.

Kajsa has certain things she can only say at home. For instance, things can kick ass & be bad ass here. But she knows that if she says them elsewhere she's in trouble.

Jean-Luc Picard

Great to know you're with us again, Rowan!


Thanks Jen-Luc. I'll have to swing on over to the flagship soon.


Thanks Jean-Luc. I'll have to swing on over to the flagship soon.


A friend of mine was telling me a story about a family she knew who cussed with such carefree abandon before moving to her neighborhood, and then they were forced to teach their kids not to say "The Family Words" out in public. Best story I've ever heard at a book club.


Family words. That's got a nice ring to it.


You didn't say if Kajsa won....


Um, she's a Bupp.

Enough said.


Oh, I forgot to add...

Tomi is also always calling her little. But, of course, she takes offense to this as she's proud of being a big girl who can do big girl things like putting her clothes on by herself and going potty. So we had a talk about it and explained that no matter how much smaller she is than all of her classmates, that she's tougher than the lot of them.

Now apparently, when Tomi calls her little she replies with, "Yeah, but I'm tougher than you." Fortunately, the teachers think this is hilarious.

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