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Wow! That's so cool! It's sure to go better than the camping trip ;-)


Gads, I hope so!


Wow! That is great! Let me know if you'd like a copy of the school letter I give to the teachers to send home for the other parents. You know, just a friendly reminder that sick kids at school isn't cool. And a reminder of what constitutes "sick." Joerg tells me that it's a bit heavy-handed, but Annika's preschool class was fantastic about keeping germs at home.


She is so cute!

Good luck!


Thanks everyone for the good wishes and happy response.

I would absolutely LOVE to see a copy of htis letter. In fact, Kajsa's teacher seemed a bit frazzled in that she wanted to know what to do, but didn't have the right questions.
I assured her that hand washing was the most vital step, followed closely by not kissing other kids or sharing mouthed objects. I further stated that it would be EXTREMELY helpful to know if any kid had shown up sick in any way so that I could remove her from the classroom.

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