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Fruitful Spririt

Oh so cute! New love is trying for us parents. I have to say my son is not one to run from girl to girl. He has had 3 true girlfriends since he was 14 and is now 19. He tells me the lastest is his soul mate! I met her this summer and must admit I am smitten with her! But they are so young!

Your appears to have handled the whole looking over her shoulder very well!



She's pretty patient with us.


Other parents either a)wish with all they are that their kids could have a firstie like that or b)don't give a crap enough to care either way.
Nicely done, Rowan and Chris....and Kajsa....nicely done...
Love you! Elisabeth


It must of been really difficult to hold hands with Chris between them. Still they managed.

Give me candy.


Thank you, we try...and always SO nice to see you here!

Raisinettes or Milk Duds?


Awwww! Welcome to the other half of parenthood! It gets better and better. I'm sorry Chris has his Dad's sense of humor...
You guys did great!


That is just the best story to start off the morning. I'm glad I clicked on your blog first!


They are cute, but wow - a date!

I don't even want to think about dating. I'm so glad she had a great first date.


You, my friend, are the best. Once again you have the coolest family. Seriously. How great that the first date worked out for EVERYONE. I used to roll my eyes whenever I heard parents say "my kid is never gonna date" but you know what? Emaline is never dating! In fact, I am going to go arrange her marriage post haste!


awww, that is so cute indeed. :)

you have to be some of the coolest parents ever.

i'm glad maya found herself a good boy, but then again, with parents like you and chris, i'm not surprised at her great judge of character. :)

kajsa just cracks me up!


That is sweet. And they managed to wear the same color shirt even? How cute.

Jean-Luc Picard

Sitting between the dates! Great idea!

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