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glad to hear an update from you, rowan. :) sorry to hear about the need for the transfusion, but glad that kajsa is in such good spirits. i hope you are back to the RMH soon and it won't be too much longer til you can go home.
hugs and positive thoughts :)


This is almost the summer that wasn't - like Christmas a few years ago! Glad "the monkey's" spirits are good. Keep yours up as much as possible, too. Need some "spirits" to help??? I love you and am still keeping positive thougthas for all of you - this too shall pass!!!


happy to hear about Kajsa's monkeyshines. Sorry to hear about the yo-yo. The so-very-not-much-fun yo-yo. Still hoping you'll get home, soon.


I will keep her in my prayers. And you. Hopefully you get a reprieve soon.

Jean-Luc Picard

Glad to have your update, Rown; sorry to hear about the transfusion, though.


So glad for an update.

Sorry that Kajsa needs the transfusion, but I hope you are able to head back to RMH and (eventually) home soon.

Big hugs to you all!

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