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I'm sorry for this setback. Chris called me yesterday to let me know and I just ache for all of you. But, as he said, this is just a bump in the road and you all have travelled over so many of them that I'm sure you see it as just part of the ride. Give hugs to Kajsa from Grandma Lynne and I will call ASAP.
As for the bath, sounds like both of you really enjoyed that special first! I can almost hear her giggles! XOXOXO


I'm sorry you are back in the hospital. I will really send you that stuff asap. I am so sorry that I haven't sent it yet. Bless you and I hope she is better soon.


Sorry you are back in the hospital, but it sounds as if you will be back at the RMH soon.

Yeah for bubbles and baths!


You simply find the very best images to accompany your entries!

Of course, sorry to hear you're back in again. Cellcept also seriously, *seriously* screwed with Anni's ability to sleep for about a month after she started. So hopefully Kajsa won't get that side-effect.

Diarrhea sucks. So sorry she's back in. But happy to hear about the first bath. What fun!

Mysterious Lady

Keeping you all in my prayers!


Hey guys, we're thinking about you up here. I'm sorry you had to go back to the hospital, but I'm glad it won't be very long. Things are good here, i'm going to send you alink to some pics, hopefuly you can access it. Harley is doing great! Hope you have fun with your folks. Love you all
Jenn, Michael, Elora, and Harley


Oh so sorry for the small set back. She will bounce right back I am sure. She seems to be in her stride now! I am praying for this to pass very quickly and I hope you get tons of babying when the folks arrive!


Keeping you in our thoughts here. Hope you get the babying you so richly deserve!

Jean-Luc Picard

Sotrry to hear about it, Rowan. hope everything will be ok.


Sorry you guys are back in the hospital. I wish Kajsa a speedy recovery and return to RMH. I am so glad your parents are coming to help out. Crazy no matter how old you get, you always want your Mom and Dad in times of stress! Erick and I think of you guys everday! Love Katie Bupp


Hope things are going better for you and Kajsa. My thoughts are with you guys.


Hope you were able to go back to the Ronald-McDonald-home soon -
best wishes for your girl with the beautiful name!


Hey mom. I know that Kajsa is having that surgury today, but I'm glad that everything is going well. I miss you SO MUCH! I really wish I was their with all of you, but I'll see you in...12 days! I love you so much mom, and I can't wait to see you!!!!


Just wanted to remind you that you're all in my thoughts and prayers! I love and miss you TONS! I'm glad your parents are there to give you a glimpse of a break... or at least to switch up the routine and give you an adult's company! Wish I could be there, too!! Love you!


Just checking in, you're still in my thoughts.

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