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Oh, HAPPY DAYS! Imagine - only a month later and your life is totally changing! It can only improve from here! Enjoy the day with Chris, find a grear little park and hang out. I love you all. Hugs and kisses


I am glad that the world is broadening for Kajsa and your family. Glad, too, that you get to spend some time with Chris. Enjoy yourselves and have a happy Fourth.


i'm soooo happy things are getting better and better. :) the RMH sounds like a dream compared to the hospital. and oh my - boca burgers every day. i hope you can find some fun, interesting things to eat now. :)
big hugs to the little girl. :)


Yuck, to Boca Burgers. I prefer Gardenburgers anyway. I hope you found some nice veggie friendly things to eat!

You might want to avoid the zoo, just because everyone will probably be there. I think water sounds great. I am glad Kajsa is doing so well. I hope she is loving the water. I know it is one of my favorite beverages!


Wonderful, wonderful news. You all deserve this change! So nice that she is now able to a child again without too much of the fuss. And you can all try to be a family again. Sounds great. Have a fun holiday and enjoy the sunshine. It will do you all some good!


Congratulations! I know how life-expanding it can feel to get out of the hospital and begin to make something like your own schedule again.

BTW, I hope you got my package? I mailed it to the hospital address, so if you haven't gotten it, be sure to check over there. What a slow-poke I am.

Jean-Luc Picard

Great to hear how things have improved for Kajsa.


I'm so glad to hear that all is going so well!! I knew you'd love the RMH! They are wonderful!!


Hooray for your newfound freedom! May you eat deliciously, play wildly, and have the best time you can have with Kajsa. I'm always so happy to read the good news. Thinking about you all the time - and I hope you got my package too? It took forever to get sent out, sorry! But there are cookies which need to be eaten soonish.

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