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OMG. I guess I should have hit the "subscribe" button because I am just now getting the news that Kajsa was transplanted. That is wonderfully awesome and glorious.

Sorry to hear that your trip out of the PICU was so short-lived. Life immediately post-transplant is a pretty up and down experience, and not really so much fun. But I can't wait to hear the Kajsa stories once she starts living life with a healthy kidney.


Rowan I miss you. Glad to hear about Kajsa. Can I send a care package? I have lots of little fun stuff left from daycare that I could send her way. (New stuff, I should say.) Let me know. Send me your address or which hospital. I would love to do something, anything for you.


right on! organ donation is the best!

my sister has had three kidney transplants, two cadaver and one from my father.

is it rude to ask why kajsa's kidneys failed?

my sister contracted Henoch-Schonlein purpura at the age oif three ( she is now 5 years into her third kidney and 30 years old!)


I HATE it when they move you around the hospital, especially when it's unexpected. I'm hoping you all are set for smooth sailing from here on out.

Those are some really cool care packages!

I'm just so so so happy to hear that she's getting better. Hooray for Kajsa!


I'm so happy Kajsa is doing so well. ANd that you got lovely care packages. But we want to send some too! Please tell us how! Hugs to you all. :)

Jean-Luc Picard

Glat to have the updaye and tio know how well she is doing.


In our moments of need and the need to feel the love isn't it wonderful to have family!! Sounds like your girl is one lucky lady!


What wonderful news to hear how great Kajsa is doing!! I love coming and hearing these great updates!!


Hi, I got to 'know' you a bit from your funny and sensitive comments over at "falling down is also a gift". Now I read your daughter has finally had her kidney-transplant - so glad to hear she seems to be doing very well so far.
All my best wishes for her and you -


I am so glad she is doing so well. Kids are amazing. Hope she isn't in the hospital to long. Best wishes.


Hooray, hooray! I'm so excited that she got her kidney. My mom's kidney transplant went extremely well, and more than 4 years later she's still had no major complications and is doing great. Hopefully your experience will be similar.

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