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I am so glad things are going better. You have an amazing kid. The hospital can be boring, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

Disneyland will be wonderful! I love it. I highly recommend that for your wish, or DisneyWorld, which I hear is even better.

rodney roe

Maybe, somewhere in time, we can all go to Disneyworld together.


i'm so relieved to hear things are improving. :) the positive thoughts continue to head in your direction.

the princess story is sooooo sweet. i could just hug her. :)

Jean-Luc Picard

Good to hear things are getting better, Rowan.


I'm very sorry to learn about the rejection and glad (this mix comes through reading three posts in one go...) to hear Kajsa is a bit better now.
The temptation to count down hospital-days --- know of it, too, and have decided that there's not much point in denying it "so that there is no disappointment in the end". Because one will always be devastated anyway if it takes longer than it should be...counting and looking forward to a certain period of time helps to gather strength.
All the best for Kajsa!
(Did you know that in a very sweet children's book by Astrid Lindgren , "Madita and Lisabeth", they get a baby sister named Kajsa and decide she's a "thing of complete delight", something - normally a fab gift... - you only experience very rarely?)


I promise. I am getting that stuff to send to you tomorrow. I will. I will. I promise I will. Take care and try to get some time to yourself. You need to in order to be a better parent to Kajsa, too.


I am not so sure I could be a strong as you have been. Such a push and worry all the time. I so understand the want to have privacy! Prayers continue as does your uplifting messages. You do very very good for a Mommy Princess!


I always figured you must be a princess underneath!

I didn't realize you were planning a Make A Wish, is that new or did I miss a post somewhere? Our little friend did a Disney Make A Wish a few years back and she and her family still rave about it!

I'm still trying to think of something cool to send. I'm a dork.


Princess Rowan has a very nice ring to it! What a sweetie you have for a daughter... two of them actually! I love you and I'm glad we were able to chit-chat a bit the other day. Pass on bunches of love to Kajsa from me!

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