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Whew! That is a relief, I bet.


How wonderful. Being sprung and soon! Great news. Hope all goes good this week for you! Prayers still on going!


The change of scenery will be so nice for you! I hope that Kasja will enjoy it.


Wow, that's a tough one, to go now or later. Let us know what you decide, I'm sure there'll be a zillion pictures!

Wow, grilling sounds heavenly after all this.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.


love to see the good news. :)


So glad to read the good news!

I hope the change of scenery makes for a wonderful holiday weekend.

Kepping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


OH HAPPY DAY!!! I am so thrilled for you and Kajsa, Rowan! The change of scenery alone will probably be a huge relief, let alone the freedom to be able to get out and move about! Yay!!!


Hi Rowan! I just pulled in from the cabin and am delighted to read your updates! I know how great it will be to have some freedom to move about!!! Love to all of you.


RMH is wonderful, I did some volunteering at one and they are amazing! You will love the change of scenery and you will have privacy, something I know you miss! So glad things are looking so great!


Thank you everyone. I know that I cannot get on everyday. But when I do, it is so great to read all the encouragement from you. Thanks, again.

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