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Jean-Luc Picard

Beautifully written, Rowan, with great pictures.

Jean-Luc Picard

BTW, I've added you on my bloglist


Thank you Jean-Luc Picard...both for the compliment, and for the addition.


Oh my, Jean-Luc. I just wandered over to Geordi's disco party. What a gas!

I'll be adding you, as well.


i LOVE the smell of rain too. glad to hear you got some, even if it was only a drizzle. hope more follows.


Me too, amygeekgrl.
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.


It smells rainy here this morning. When I let the dog out, I stood at the door longer than usual just to take in the smell. Makes it feel like spring.


I love the smell of rain. Great Picture
Who says Mother Nature isn't real. Just because you can't see her physically, you see trees and grass and rain...that's her


You can have our rain, and snow! I am sick of it!

You live in Arizona, right? Jason lived there for 4 years in high school. He loved it, and hopes to move us out there some day! I love warmth, and sun! The only thing is I would probably miss the rain, but not the snow, and this cold. I could swim everyday!

Ok, sorry, random thoughts!


That's a great thing isn't it...the desire to linger? It's always so nice when it strikes you like that. I am so happy to see Spring approaching.

Oh, I know she's real. Just not a flesh and bones kinda person. But, yes, I'm big into mother nature.

Unfortunately you're thinking of a different part of Arizona from where we live. We get snow and cold. If I went out to swim today, I'd regret it -- immediately.

But the difference is, that I can drive just a couple of hours to get to what you describe. If Jason ever talks you into visiting AZ, you should give us a call. We could go take a dip somewhere together.

Jake Silver

Not a bad choice at all ... wonder how many Hurricanes she'll send our way this year?


I don't think we'll see any here in Arizona.


Ok, I don't know a thing about Arizona, just what Jason tells me. He lived in Phoenix. I would for sure give yo a call. I'm sure we won't have the money anytime soon anyway, but some day we will. I would love to meet you!


Likewise, Sarah. I look forward to the day.

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